Since 2008, I have been honing my skills as a web developer, primarily focusing on open-source languages like PHP and JavaScript. Back then I was attending the Software Engineering B.S. at ITT Tech, learning the framework and mostly desktop languages in the proprietary Microsoft Development Studio. Not a fan of this or other propriety IDEs due to the ugly code they produce, in my opinion.

Today, I don’t use an IDE unless I’m building a Java or Flash-based app, in which case I use NetBeans. All of my web coding is done in either Notepad, Notepad++ or live in the Apache-based control panel. I have bookmarked references to useful tips and important changes in the coding world, like because of the plethora of functions that are built-in to the language.

So, I said all that to say this…

After over 4 years of web development experience, I have picked up a few tricks along the way that will enable me to give back, in a sense. The traffic exchange and affiliate marketing industry lend a unique perspective to some easily-overlooked needs in a web-based platform. Like any business, offering a user-friendly interface to your clients should be a priority if you expect to see repeat visits. One such recurring theme is the presence of a clean layout with a lot of visual aides to guide the user to their destination within a relatively short period of time.


One way to accomplish this is through the use of icons and buttons. Simple, yet effective.

Another pressing need is speed. Fast-loading pages with dynamic content. Thanks to technological advances, hosting your website on a server that can handle higher loads is much more affordable than it used to be. There are also tricks like caching images, pre-loading content, loading scripts at the end of a page and even joining server queries.

Again, I digress.

JerokiahDarrSitesI am focusing on Content Management Sites (CMS) for 2015, produced by DarrSoft. One of the very first platforms available as a package will be revealed early in the year, a traffic exchange platform with modular scalability. Another project I am working on with affiliates and surfers in mind is actually two sites with one goal: URL Shortener and PHP Image generator for custom banners and splash pages built on the fly. Currently working on both of these right now.

For Top-TE, that is my baby so it will always get attention and feedback-based improvements from members. Recently, it has received quite a few updates and some new features like voting and titles.

I look forward to finishing the year strong and continually looking ahead. God bless!

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