Jerokiah - Origins of a Unique Name

The name Jerokiah came about while my parents were on their honeymoon, pregnant with me. They liked the name Jericho, but it was a cursed city, so they looked at other Biblical names. Hezekiah, Ezekial, Jeroboam, to name a few. Essentially, Jerokiah is a combination of Jeroboam and Hezekiah.

Jeroboam, belonging to the leader of the revolt against Rehoboam of Israel and later the King, means the people contend. Hezekiah, belonging to a King of Judah, means Yahweh Strengthens, or God Strengthens. Combining these two, Jerokiah could be said to mean Struggler for the Lord or Soldier for the Lord.

Blockchain Enthusiast

I have been into blockchain technology since I first understood how bitcoin works. Believe me, that took a little research to fully grasp. Ever since then, I have invested, traded and exchanged my fair share, even operating a faucet for awhile.

Now I primarily look for innovative new ways the blockchain technology is impacting the world for the better, as well as holding some. It is exciting to see creative platforms like electroneum being implemented to benefit those with nothing more than mobile access, expanding global reach on many fronts. The Brave browser is another way we are advancing and decentralizing.

Author Curation & Support

There are so many people in the world that still do not have access nor insights into how to put their personal brand online. There are also a lot of great content creators that are not in front of an audience that would find value in their content.


This is where blockchain steps in yet again, in nearly every facet of social media. Sites like SteemitLBRYBitTube and others, that reward authors based on engagements and feedback. These platforms have some growing to do but already have a good reach.

One way I want to help is to offer additional curation through mediums I can provide, such as this blog. Eventually sharing rewards as the audience grows and more people adapt for social blockchain support.

Jerokiah's Background

Jerokiah Seized Gold Bar
Gold Bar Seized near Syrian Border in 2004

Military Service

From June 2001 to November 2007, I served as an Infantryman in the U.S. Army with the 101st ABN DIV., including two tours to Iraq. Operation Iraqi Freedom I in 03-04 with 3/327 INF REGT as a grenadier/interpreter and Operation Iraqi Freedom III in 05-06 with 1/506 INF REGT as a D co squad leader/interpreter.

Some of my military decorations include:

  • Bronze Star Medal (M)
  • Army Commendation Medal (V)
  • Purple Heart Medal
  • Combat Infantryman Badge
  • Expert Infantryman Badge
  • Air Assault Badge

Skill Set, Mind Set, Background

Welcome to my official site, I am Jerokiah Darr. I have a fairly diverse background including the following fields: private security, private investigator, military, entrepreneurship, software engineering, web development and graphic design, some carpentry and networking.

I have studied software engineering technology for four years at ITT Tech, studied for an MCSE+I and A+ certification, personal and professional development, completed several military schools, and have a high aptitude for language and research.

Jerokiah Meta Mind
Jerokiah Meta Mind

Today I work offline in retail, invest both in both FIAT and cryptocurrency markets and blog in my free time. My entrepreneurial spirit is constantly motivating me to seek out financial freedom, yet I still enjoy my time freedom so balance is the compromise. Always happy to connect with new and interesting people though. Message me on twitter @jerokiah to say hi.

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