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How To Make A Photo Come Alive Using GIMP Full Process Start to Finish GIMP Tutorial: Photo Comes Alive This GIMP tutorial shows you a technique that can be used with any image to create a cool effect. Tutorial By: Jerokiah Darr GIMP Download: Images Used in Video Road BG: Diver: Follow Me on LBRY: Join and Earn: Follow Me on BitTube: Follow Me

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Crypto Futures And Uncertainty in 2020

Crypto rang in 2020 with some bullish signs from the start. A major reason for this is the tensions between the U.S. And Iran. Anytime there is uncertainty about economic, political futures or tensions between nations, people naturally look for stability. Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, we have taken a bit more solace in an asset that is accepted across international borders. Crypto Value Factors: Awareness, Understanding, Adoption I was among those who discovered bitcoin when the market price was under a dollar. However, I didn't really ask what bitcoin

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Why Use Acorns Or Stash To Micro-Invest?

  The term micro-invest refers to investing small amounts in ETF's (Exchange-Traded Funds) or a mix of stocks, bonds and commodities. If you are new to investing or saving money, don't have a lot to invest or just want to set aside a little extra for the future without using a traditional low interest savings account, you should consider a micro-investing app like Acorns or Stash. Acorns or Stash? If you have a smart phone or internet connection, you have access to both Acorns and Stash. Both platforms allow you to invest as little as $5 to for a small monthly fee and

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3 Ways To Passively Earn Cryptocurrency

You can passively earn cryptocurrency from browsing, publishing content and investing, right now. It might take years and a lot of effort to earn anything on major social media outlets, and that is just frustrating. Here are 3 ways to passively earn cryptocurrency right away through browsing, mobile cloud mining and interest... Browsing – Brave Browser The Brave Browser is just getting started and gaining huge momentum as people realize the benefits and switch from the other major players. You can import all your other browser data and even add chrome extensions!

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New Tab Syndrome is Like Writer’s Block

Have you ever opened your browser window and just stared at that new tab window? I have on occasion, usually after I finish surfing several tabs or working on a project with several tabs open. I refer to this as New Tab Syndrome, which is like writer's block for the web. Productive Browsing Out of the millions of websites available to visit, we spend most of our time on a very small percentage of that and tend to lose focus. There are a handful I visit everyday doing income-producing activities on, yet others that I just kill time on. These income-producing activity sites a

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Mentality and Making Money

Some people refer to a successful internet marketer's mentality as their 'why' or the Law of Attraction. These are both true. There is an old cliche that says you become what you surround yourself with most, or you are who you associate with. When is the last time you seen a group of teenagers with skateboards hanging out at a corner store and thought: I bet one of those guys is a businessman. Pretty unlikely. Being creatures of habit, we tend to stick with what we know versus another popular mantra to fake it till we make it. Mentality has everything to do with success an

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