This FYIGo-To.Us is a free URL shortening service and tracker. I still need to create an API to handle link shortening remotely, say on your own website, it is an active service as of today however. Popular URL shortening sites like and or use a similar, more complex method to shorten their links, but This FYI is not in competition with them… yet. Haha.

Eventually, it will be a full-scale link shortening service, but for now you can enjoy the benefits of a free, anonymous short link generator. Near future plans include a full API for developers and membership access to unlock more features, to include more in-depth link tracking.

As it stands, you can view the last 50 hits to your URL, using the code you entered or was generated for you.

Just the latest progress of many ongoing projects. When I have time, I try to fit in some development on these projects between management and development of Top-TE of course.

The short links work on a 302 redirect so they are not cached by search engines by the way. So if you were to click on it will pass the referrer details on to the site (my twitter profile) and record them as this page.

Registered users get access to different domains as well. Included are, and as alternatives.

Anyway, enjoy!

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